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Mini Rosha FULL RP

Kind: Money making
Location: ?
Recommended: Paladin level 160
Exp/hour: 305317
Downloads: 203
Release: 2019-11-28
Bank deposit: no
Depositer: Yes
Buy item: no
Sell item: no
Drop loot: no

Items and Monsters


812 terra legs (BP 1, Deposit)
813 terra boots (BP 1, Deposit)
3031 gold coin (BP 1, Deposit)
3035 platinum coin (BP 1, Deposit)
3043 crystal coin (BP 1, Deposit)
3079 boots of haste (BP 1, Deposit)
7404 assassin dagger (BP 1, Deposit)
7407 haunted blade (BP 1, Deposit)
7418 nightmare blade (BP 1, Deposit)
10389 sai (BP 1, Deposit)
20198 frazzle tongue (BP 1, Deposit)
20199 frazzle skin (BP 1, Deposit)
20200 silencer claws (BP 1, Deposit)


+0 Weakened Frazzlemaw
+0 Enfeebled Silencer
Avoid Swan Maiden
Avoid pixie
Avoid Faun
Avoid Nymph
Avoid pooka
Avoid Boogy
Avoid Dark Faun
Avoid Twisted pooka


Script download
Always test downloaded scripts before leaving your keyboard!
This script may be unsafe, found the following code:
1000 {assasin star} 2000  {macro name} neg:=-10 mano:=Self.Inventory.LeftHand.Count() inv:=Misc.ItemCountEx(7368) res:=!mano VarSub(res, !inv) !mano<90 !res>-1 [Equi] exit()  {Equi} Self.Equip.LeftHand(7368) Exit()
1000 {tirar vials} tirar vials - 3000  {Drop Empty Flask} X:=Self.X() Y:=Self.Y() Z:=Self.Z() X1:=1 Y1:=1 VarAdd(X, !X1!) VarSub(Y, !Y1!) Self.Capacity()<=99999 Map.Thrown(283, 10, !X!, !Y!, !Z!) Map.Thrown(284, 10, !X!, !Y!, !Z!) Map.Thrown(285, 10, !X!, !Y!, !Z!) Exit()

Unsafe Download