BBot - The Best Bot of the World

Features Super Powers

  • Basic Features

    Basic Features

    Many different tools to help with various problems
  • HUD and Informations

    HUD and Informations

    Some HUD to make the game a little more fun
  • Protector


    You will need some help to sleep in peace
  • Trade Helper

    Trade Helper

    Advertising is the key to business
  • Friend Healer

    Friend Healer

    Keep your friends alive and have fun
  • Healer


    Keep yourself alive, blessings are expensive
  • Mana Tools

    Mana Tools

    Forget your mana, focus on the good
  • Re-User and Cures

    Re-User and Cures

    Make your spells never go off, and keep your inventory stuffed
  • Enchanter


    Because making enchanted spears and runes can also be fun
  • Trainer


    Offline-Training is not enough
  • Killer


    For automating the attacking tasks
  • Cavebot


    Keep walking
  • Looter


    Make money, become rich
  • Looting Configuration

    Looting Configuration

    Easy setup for the items you need
  • Basic War

    Basic War

    You may need some PVP tools to troll other people
  • War.NET


    Working in team is more powerful than alone
  • Allies and Enemies

    Allies and Enemies

    To distinguish good and evil
  • Macros


    Sometimes you will need something a little more advanced
  • Macro Editor

    Macro Editor

    Helping you to extend the BBot
  • Variables


    To customize your scripts
  • Special SQMs

    Special SQMs

    To teach the BBot where is good and where is bad