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hydra oramond ED

Kind: Money making
Location: ?
Recommended: Druid level 1
Exp/hour: 2152104
Downloads: 157
Release: 2020-08-08
Bank deposit: Yes
Depositer: Yes
Buy item: Yes
Sell item: no
Drop loot: no

Items and Monsters


3079 boots of haste (BP 1, Deposit)
3081 stone skin amulet (BP 1, Deposit)
3369 warrior helmet (BP 1, Deposit)
3370 knight armor (BP 1, Deposit)
3392 royal helmet (BP 1, Deposit)
3436 medusa shield (BP 1, Deposit)
8063 paladin armor (BP 1, Deposit)


+5 hydra
+5 bog raider
Avoid glooth blob
Avoid rot elemental


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