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Royal Death

Kind: Balanced
Location: Thais
Recommended: Paladin level 300
Exp/hour: 2612480
Downloads: 137
Release: 2020-04-18
Bank deposit: Yes
Depositer: Yes
Buy item: Yes
Sell item: no
Drop loot: no

Items and Monsters


3006 ring of the sky (BP 2, Deposit)
3030 small ruby (BP 1, Deposit)
3035 platinum coin (BP 1)
3428 tower shield (BP 2, Deposit)
7368 assassin star (BP 3)
7642 great spirit potion (BP 4)
10384 zaoan armor (BP 2, Deposit)
10387 zaoan legs (BP 2, Deposit)


+3 Draken Warmaster
+4 Draken Spellweaver
Ignore liizard Dragon Priest
Ignore Dragon Hatchling
Ignore Lizard Legionnaire
Ignore lizard high Guard


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