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sd attack

Kind: Balanced
Location: Port Hope
Recommended: Sorcerer level 300
Exp/hour: 2513380
Downloads: 334
Release: 2018-12-30
Bank deposit: no
Depositer: no
Buy item: no
Sell item: no
Drop loot: no

Items and Monsters


3029 small sapphire (BP 2, Deposit)
3031 gold coin (BP 1)
3035 platinum coin (BP 1)
3155 sudden death rune (BP 2)
3386 dragon scale mail (BP 2, Deposit)
3392 royal helmet (BP 2, Deposit)


+4 Dragon Lord
+4 Frost Dragon
+3 Frost Dragon Hatchling
+3 Dragon Lord Hatchling
+3 Dragon
+3 Lizard High Guard
+3 Killer Caiman
+3 Lizard Legionnaire
Avoid Orc Warrior
Avoid Orc
Avoid Sandcrawler
Avoid Hyaena
Avoid Gnarlhound
Avoid Insect Swarm
Avoid Orc Rider
Avoid Lancer Beetle
Avoid Orc Spearman
Avoid Orc Berserker
Avoid Rat
Avoid Snake
Avoid Dragon Hatchling
Avoid Demon Skeleton


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