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The BBot is a advanced client modification for Tibia, featuring many tools to enchance your playing experience.


BBot 39.1 22/07/2014
The new version fixes some bugs.

BBot 39.0 for Tibia 10.51 and Tibia Preview 10.51 22/07/2014
The BBot 39.0 will add the newest Tibia versions to our supported list.

BBot 38.2 16/07/2014
The BBot 38.2 fixes several bugs and add a important protection to not load wrong DLLs. Loading wrong DLLs makes the BBot not work correctly.

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+ added - removed * fixed = improved
Version 39.1
* Crash with Light Hack
* Random crash when walking

Version 39.0
+ Tibia 10.51 support
+ Tibia Preview 10.51 support
* Several crashes
* Memory leaks
+ Error when not loading the Items database correctly to avoid further errors

Version 38.2
+ DLL version protection, newer versions will check for correct DLL to avoid problems while extracting
* War.NET disconnecting issues
* Items ID greater 20.000 now working
+ New Items database (single file)

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