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The BBot is a advanced client modification for Tibia, featuring many tools to enchance your playing experience.


BBot 56.2 25/01/2015
The BBot 56.2 fixes several bugs.

BBot 56.0 20/01/2015
The BBot 56.0 adds support for Tibia 10.73 version and fixed several things. The Walker2 branch is now the default stable version.

BBot 55.0 13/01/2015
The BBot 55.0 adds support for Tibia 10.72 version.

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+ added - removed * fixed = improved
Version 56.2
* Distancer unecessary steps
+ Summon ignore message: Adjust your combat settings to attack this player.
= Increased default summon ignore time (BBot.Attacker.SummonIgnoreTime)
* Waypoint Teleport not stopping going to magic forcefield
* Protecting Learn from adding a Point between Teleport and other kinds of points, that would add unecessary and buggy Points

Version 56.0 (Walker 2)
+ Tibia 10.73 support
* Some Access-Violations
+ Walking fixes
Version 56.1 (Faster Walker 2)
+ Tibia 10.73 support
+ Faster stepping algorithm
+ Bot variable: BBot.Walker.FrequencyContinuous BBot.Walker.FrequencyNonContinuous, control a factor (percent) of how many keys it will send

Version 55.0
+ Tibia 10.72 support

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