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The BBot is a advanced client modification for Tibia, featuring many tools to enchance your playing experience.


BBot 34.0 with Tibia 10.38 support 31/03/2014
The BBot 34.0 improves the Suplies Withdraw and supports Tibia 10.38. The Reconnect and BP Minimizer are not supported on the new version, a new BBot will be released to add their compatibility tonight.

BBot 33.2 30/03/2014
The new BBot will bring a new long waited feature: suplies withdraw from depot. Also this version will fix several bugs and improve some features. It will be beta because the new suplies withdraw may still have bugs

BBot 33.0 12/03/2014
The BBot now supports Tibia 10.37 version. Also some bugs were fixed.

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+ added - removed * fixed = improved
Version 34.0
= Suplies Withdraw
+ Tibia 10.38 support

Version 33.2
* Error parsing some creature messages
= Looter
+ Deposit Suplies Withdraw
* Special SQMs Block drawing list
= Items database loading
* Login bugs
= Better Walkers stopping

Version 33.0
+ Tibia 10.37 support
* Some crash on the Login

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